Judith was born February 1832 in Russell County (now Dickenson) Virginia. She is the daughter of Ezekiel Bolling and Sharon Carr.

It was once believed that this set of Bollings descended from Pocahontas. The theory came from a 1963 book Of Whom I Came, From Whence I Came, by Judge Zelma Wells Price. In the book Price identifies Benjamin Bolling (Judith’s G- Grandfather) as the son of Major John Bolling. This line of Bollings are known as the “Blue” Bollings and DNA tests have recently verified that Benjamin is not a descendant of Major John Bolling.  For more information please visit “The Real Pocahontas” web site.

James Mullins married Judith Bolling on September 20, 1849 in Pike County, Kentucky.

Many Family Trees posted on various web sites list Judith’s death as 1890. That date is incorrect. Judith died in May 1918. There was, however a Judith Mullins that died 7/25/1890 in Wise County, Virginia ... she was the 4 month old daughter of Gilbert and Mollie Mullins

It is interesting to watch Judith’s age as it is entered into the census records. Not unlike many women she probably didn’t want to give her real age. The ages on the census records are:

1850 - 18 years old (her correct age)
1860 - 28 years old (her correct age)
1870 - 37 years old (starting to slip a little or maybe just B-Day hasn’t come)
1880 - 46 years old (there goes another year)
1900 - 64 years old (she has lost 4 years now)
1910 - 81 years old (she is actually 78. In old age she probably didn’t care any longer how old she was)

One of the mysteries associated with Judith is the 1850 census. She was listed as a Baker and there appears to have been an attempt to erase the name. I’ve read a theory that she was married to a Baker prior to her marriage to James. My theory is that the census taker just wrote the name in error. Here is why I believe that... James “Dr. Jim”  Mullins, the great Uncle of our James and the brother to “Counterfeiting” Sol, was living 3 census entries away from James and Judith (families 1538 and 1541). Judith’s mother and father were family # 1539. “Dr. Jim” Mullins has a 1 year old girl named Polly Baker living with him. This is where I believe the error occurred - the census taker, probably a few minutes away from James Booker was confused and entered Baker. There is also another theory which I believe is flat out wrong... Polly Baker was the child of Judith and her “Baker” husband. I’ve seen this on a few message boards and once thought that it was a good theory. However, while reading the Russell county law order books I found an entry from August 4th 1857 Russell Co. Court Records. "ordered that Polly Baker a bastard child of Susanna Baker be bound by the overseer of the poor to James Mullins according to law".  I believe this James to be “Dr. Jim”  and pretty much dispels the theory that Polly was the child of Judith.


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